Monday, August 29, 2011

LOVE my mom

Mom went to The West today - it's a 501c3 that sells many things including many goodies for needlework. This is what she brought home to me:

I've been wanting to learn needle tatting for a the point where I just picked up a regular (pointy sharp) needle and started:
It was slow going...b/c I poked my finger a lot, but now I can needle tat properly!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


The Delusional Knitter is trying to finish her works-in-progress and has invited everyone to join her. My problem is that I only knit if I've found a pattern I really really want to do. Knitting is really too painful for my hands to do on any sort of regular basis. So I won't be participating...because I don't have any WIPs :) I do have a crochet project that isn't finished yet - a cowl necked top from Mission Falls - but that was put away for the move and hasn't been unpacked due to the heat.

The last two weeks she's had an Optional Side Quest to organize your needle stash, which means I win because I already completed that when I joined ravelry !_!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


WAY back in May Diane was giving away many many hankies. The minute I saw the first picture I knew which one I wanted - didn't even need to look at any of the others (though, of course I did). Before I even received it, I knew which thread I wanted to use - Lizbeth Leaf Green Lt. I have never made a hanky edging before, didn't even have any patterns, so I decided to go searching through the ol' DMC library till one caught my eye. The Tatting Goddess was also tatting up this pattern. I had to cut and restart twice b/f I got the picot lengths right.

This project will probably be in the 'not finished' state for a while...I'll probably only work a tiny bit at a time while I have these three other LARGE projects going. I promise Diane, it'll get done eventually!

Tatted Treasures Give-away

Fasttatter is giving a begining tatters toolkit away over here. There are many ways to enter! Ends midnight August 31st.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Test Tatting for Bree

Bree wanted some input/test tatters for her new motif. I found her diagram to be straight forward - the only big problem ended up being the thread I chose :( The blue variagated is the only Lizbeth that I've had trouble tatting with...don't know why. It took three days because the rings wouldn't close. It's a lovely pattern to tat up, and I'll be making more of these - just with different thread :)