Monday, July 11, 2011

Beginnings and an Awesome Acquisition

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a bit now, flip-flopping around "should I"? "shouldn't I"? but it's time. And while I'd like to promise to keep this strictly to my fiber arts hobbies, I don't think I'll be able to keep my other geeky interests away. :) While living in Seattle over a year ago a friend of mine headed up her church's knitting group. A lady donated some items to the group, and my friend immediately called me up and asked if she could come over. I said, "Of course"! She brought me these! (not the shuttle or finished tatting) 6 boxes of DMC sz 40 thread! 10 balls in each box! That's (carry the five) 14,940 yds of thread! Also a little book of angel patterns, but that's packed away in a box somewhere. So, what to do with all this thread? I mean, I have to go for something huge, something that will take years. And then I found Jon's pattern here. It's perfect! I am going to change the small motif on the two ends, just so there's more of a line. And when I'm finished, I'll have a huge piece of tatting to hang on a wall, or as curtains, cover a couch or small bed.... It was a little frustrating starting this piece...I do wish there was an easy way to not have to c + t so much between all the motif, but that's not something I can change. It helped a lot when I figured out how to properly hold the huge shuttle :) The shuttle I won from Diane here. It's the perfect thing for this long project. I've got about 1' x ~4" of the piece done.

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